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BZH Graduate Program

General Information

All students who have been accepted to one of the BZH research groups to perform a doctoral thesis must participate in the BZH graduate students’ program. This program offers an intense and detailed advisory assistance and supervision and a constant training in the field of biochemistry. It aims to broaden the horizons of the doctoral students and to prepare them for their later scientific career.

The BZH study office coordinates the graduate program and helps with any questions concerning the program. It keeps the files of the doctoral students and confirms the participation in the graduate program upon completion. A certificate from the BZH will be issued along with the doctoral diploma from the faculty.

HBIGS students and students of other graduate programs who perform their doctoral thesis in one of the BZH research groups must also register in the BZH-study office. Participation in HBIGS and other programs will be accepted. Please consult the BZH study office for details.

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