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BZH Meeting

The BZH Meeting is an annual retreat of the PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.  It takes place during an extended weekend at an external location. Its scientific programme, which includes numerous presentations, two poster sessions and round table discussions, is entirely organized by the PhD board.

In formal presentations, one selected PhD student from each BZH group briefly introduces the group’s main research topic and presents his/her specific project in front of an audience of about fifty colleagues. Complementary poster sessions provide ample opportunities for each student to present and discuss individual projects in detail in an informal setting. Highly appreciated are the round table discussions where five to six people from different groups come together presenting their projects in a concise manner without the use of any technical support (no slides, etc.). This encourages direct scientific exchange, instant feedback from the other participants and sharpens the presentation skills by focusing on the main scientific issues.
Importantly, three national/international guest speakers are invited by the students to present keynote lectures. These guests are welcome and encouraged to participate in the rest of the scientific and social activities during the meeting and to share their experience with the young scientists.
The BZH meeting provides a platform not limited to scientific exchange, it also fosters personal exchange, the integration of new lab members, and the building of networks by including social events such as canoeing, hiking or board gaming. Again, the students choose the social activities.
The first BZH meeting was held in Kloster Schöntal (Baden-Württemberg) in 2016. More than 50 participants, over 40 poster presentation and 10 talks by BZH PhD students and PostDocs made this a very successful gathering. The subsequent meetings have further proven to provide unique fora for young BZH scientists also offering training/experience/preparation for the next steps in their career ladders.

PhD Board


BZH Meeting 2022

Kloster Schöntal, July 21.-23.
Guest Speakers
Dr. Elena Porcellato
EuroAPI, Paris, France
It's all about chemistry: my journey from the BZH to industry
Dr. Andrea Thorn Hamburg University, Germany
Coronavirus structural Task Force
Dr. Dimitrios Papagiannidis
EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany
Unraveling the receptor-ligand landscape of human gut microbial species


BZH Meeting 2021

Online-Meeting, July 22.
Guest Speakers
Georg Borner

Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie

Martinsried - Spatial Proteomics: A Swiss Army Knife for Cell Biologists

Susan Lea

Center for Structural Biology, National Cancer Institute, USA

Structural stories from bacterial motility.

BZH Meeting 2020 (cancelled)

Online-Meeting, June 25-27.


BZH Meeting 2019

Kloster Schöntal, July 25.-27.
Guest Speakers
Julia von Blume

Yale University, USA

Mechanism of Ca2+ dependent protein secretion

Petr Chlanda

University of Heidelberg Medical School

Structural analyses of influenza and Ebola virus entry by cryo-electron tomography.

Harvey McMahon

MRC, Cambridge, UK

The structure-based targeting of alpha-synuclein to mitochondria promotes cellular health

BZH Meeting 2018

Kloster Schöntal, July 15.-17.
Guest Speakers
Hiro Saito
Kyoto University,
Synthetic RNA technologies to control mammalian cell fate
Kevin Moreau
Mechanisms of unconventional secretion - with a hint of conventional secretion.
Blanche Schwappach
Göttingen University, Germany
Functional analysis of ArfGAP proteins in their unique molecular niches on COPI vesicles

BZH Meeting 2017

Kloster Schöntal, June 25.-26.
Guest Speakers
Patrick Cramer Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen How genes are switched on
Wolfgang Baumeister Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry,  Martinsried The molecular machinery of protein degradation - structural studies ex situ and
in situ
Terry Roemer Merck Research Laboratories, 
Kenilworth New Jersey, USA
Chemical Biology Approaches to Novel Antibiotic Discovery

BZH Meeting 2016

Kloster Schöntal, June 12.-14.

Guest Speakers
Gunter Meister Universität Regensburg Crosstalk between tRNAs and miRNAs
mediated by the Lupus autoantigen La
Nicolas Leulliot    Paris Descartes University Structural exploration of ribosome biogenesis
Christine Mayr Memorial Sloan Kettering
Cancer Center,
New York
Alternative 3'UTRs mediate protein-protein interactions
and regulate protein localization and functions


BZH Meeting 2016 Kloster Schöntal

  Poster Session