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Michael Brunner 
Circadian Rhythms and Molecular Clocks

Groupleader: Michael Brunner

The Chaetomium is a thermophilic filamentous fungus, having the ability to grow at 50 − 55◦ C. It produces different thermostable enzymes such as cellulase, xylanase, laccase, chitinases, and proteases. Due to the thermostability nature of C.thermophilum, various industries used this organism for starch degradation, hydrolysis of cellulose for bioethanol production as well as other applications requiring enzymatic activities at higher temperatures. The genomic and transcriptomic sequence data often interpreted by functional annotation through Gene Ontology (GO) database. Here, we created an R Package for gene as well as GO annotation which can be found in below links. Additionally, we created a lookup file which contains genomic features, gene id corresponding to GO term and Enzyme Commission number (EC) which can be useful in an industrial application as well as basic research on C.thermophilum.

Gene and GO annotation Package


Package Installation in R

R CMD install TxDb.Chaetomium.ct39.knownGene_1.0.0.tar.gz
R CMD install org.Cthermophilum.eg.db_0.1.tar.gz

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