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SFB 638


SFB 638
Dynamics of macromolecular complexes in biosynthetic transport

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Felix Wieland
Office: Im Neuenheimer Feld 328, 69120 Heidelberg
Phone: +49(0)6221/54-5421, Fax: +49(0)6221/54-4177

The Collaborative Research Centre "SFB 638" has been established on January 1st, 2004 with support of the German Research Foundation (DFG). It aims at analyzing the dynamics of complex multiprotein systems that cause folding, intracellular transport and specific localization of macromolecules. Dynamics are of interest i) at a cell biological level to describe the formation of higher complexes by protein/protein, protein/nucleic acid, and protein lipid interactions central for all projects of the program, and ii) with respect to the kinetics of changes within such individual complexes, e.g. their conformational change, polymerization, or formation of subcomplexes. This aspect will be analyzed by biochemical / biophysical methods in some of the projects. A complementation and extension of topics is reached specifically by combining virological and molecular cell biological projects within a mutual initiative. Synergetic effects will arise from similar concepts and questions asked in these fields of biological research. Of the 18 research projects established in the third period from January 2012 nine are affiliated at the Biochemistry Center (BZH) -including one junior research group since 2013-, four at the Center for Molecular Biology (ZMBH), three at the Department for Virology (Medical Faculty of Heidelberg) and one at the Centre for Organismal Studies (COS). An additional project is co-directed by scientists from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and BZH. Another four projects providing central facilities are completing the SFB 638.

Press release by the University of Heidelberg's press office on February 2012
concerning the 3rd funding period of the SFB 638