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BZH Meeting


The BZH Meeting is an annual retreat for PhD students and young PostDocs of the BZH that takes place for an extended weekend. The PhD board organizes its scientific programme. During the meeting, one PhD student from each group introduces the main topics of their group and presents their work in front of an audience of about hundred scientists in a formal presentation. Additionally, three national and international guest speakers are invited to give a keynote lecture and to participate in the rest of the scientific activities during the meeting.

Not only the speakers have the opportunity to present their work, but also all other PhD students do in the form of a poster presentation.

The BZH Meeting also includes the highly appreciated round table discussions. Here, five to six people from different groups sit together at a table and present their projects in a simple and yet comprehensive way, without technical support (slides, etc) in order to maximize feedback from other participants.

The BZH meeting serves the purpose of interconnecting the different groups of the BZH not only scientifically but also personally, which is also encouraged through the social events of the meeting such as canoeing, hiking or board gaming.

The first BZH meeting was held in 2016 from 12th to 14th June in Kloster Schöntal (Baden-Württemberg). There were more than 50 participants with over 40 posters and ten presentations from BZH students and postdocs, in addition to three keynote lectures from guest speakers from Germany, France, and the USA.


PhD Board

E-mail: PhDBoard@bzh.uni-heidelberg.de
Web: www.bzh.uni-heidelberg.de/PhDBoard

BZH Meeting 2017

Kloster Schöntal, June 25.-26.
Guest Speakers
Patrick Cramer Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen How genes are switched on
Wolfgang Baumeister Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry,  Martinsried The molecular machinery of protein degradation - structural studies ex situ and
in situ
Terry Roemer Merck Research Laboratories, 
Kenilworth New Jersey, USA
Chemical Biology Approaches to Novel Antibiotic Discovery

BZH Meeting 2016

Kloster Schöntal, June 12.-14.

Guest Speakers
Gunter Meister Universität Regensburg Crosstalk between tRNAs and miRNAs mediated by the Lupus autoantigen La
Nicolas Leulliot Paris Descartes University Structural exploration of ribosome biogenesis
Christine Mayr Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York Alternative 3'UTRs mediate protein-protein interactions and regulate protein localization and functions

BZH Meeting 2016 Kloster Schöntal


Poster Session