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Teaching at the BZH

The BZH offers a wide range of courses in biochemistry and related fields for science and medical students. The teaching programme includes lectures, seminars and practical courses. Between 700 and 800 students attend the teaching programme at the BZH every year.

Depending on the subject, state of knowledge and interest courses cover a broad spectrum from undergraduate to graduate level. At the undergraduate level (Grundstudium or vorklinisches Studium) the courses are mandatory and cover basic principles of biochemistry. At the graduate level (Haupt- und Aufbaustudium) mandatory and optional courses are offered. Advanced students may choose from a variety of special courses and lab rotations according to their interest. They are prepared for an independent research project (Master thesis or Diplomarbeit) leading to a Master degree or may produce a doctoral thesis (Doktorarbeit ) leading to a doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat, equivalent to PhD).

Courses are taught by an internationally renowned team of scientists and lecturers. This gives interested students the possibility to choose among a variety of research topics.

Download BZH-Report 2014-2016.