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Teaching at BZH

At the BZH, students of natural sciences and medicine are educated in the field of biochemistry. This training comprises a variety of courses: Theoretical events such as lectures and seminars, lab courses, either as a course or by individual arrangement, as well as bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses. Each year, between 1000 and 1200 students take part in the teaching courses at BZH.

Depending on subject of study, progress, and interest, basic and intermediate courses, and courses on special topics are offered. During the basic or pre-clinical phase, the knowledge of biochemistry is naturally very similar for the individual subjects, while in the main and postgradual studies, different emphases are set depending on the subject. The material is always taught with respect to the chosen career goal. Appropriately qualified lecturers are available at the BZH for this purpose. Those who wish to study certain topics in greater depth have the opportunity to do so in numerous optional courses that are offered in addition to the compulsory courses. Those who are interested in one of the research topics dealt with at the BZH can pursue this interest in a research internship or in the context of a diploma or doctoral thesis.


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